Транспортно-экспедиторская компания ООО "ИНТЕК"
  • Forwarding Company “INTEK” LLC

  • Freight forwarding in CIS and Baltic countries

  • About us

    Our company was founded in April, 2003 by the initiative group of specialists in the field of freight traffic with the practical experience of 15-20 years.

    We are executing a complex of transport-forwarding services in the CIS, Western Europe, Central and South East Asia.

    Understanding all the complexity of the organisation of the effective servicing of freight traffic in the conditions of a severe competition, we determined the reduction of client’s costs as our priority due to the elaboration of the rates equally attractive both for the carrier and the consignor. This analytical and organizational activity allowed  achieving significant privileges for the export and transit of bulk cargoes on Uzbek railway and  attracting  such clients as “Kyzylkumcement” JSC, “Eurocommerce” company, the Shurtan gas producing complex, a number of companies from Iran and Afghanistan.


    In 2006 “INTEK” LLC, the first among forwarders of Uzbekistan, participated in the organisation of the construction of the local railway. This experience was successful – we  realized the contract with the Afghan import-export company «International Oil LTD» for the construction of an approach way to the oil cargo pier at Hayraton station, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. As a result, the capacity of the terminal has doubled. But the main thing is that during the construction business connections have been established with the Afghan “merchants” receiving cargoes at the Hayraton station. In 2008-2011 we realized 4 contracts for the construction and recovery of approach railways.




    • Optimisation of cargo transportation schemes and methods;
    • Processing of Customer requests for transportation and calculating vehicles requirement, as well as the rates for freight traffic and forwarding operations, including currency payments;
    • Study of the market conditions of forwarding services, the systematisation of rates for transportation and cargo handling;
    • Informing the Customer of changes in this sphere of the transport conveyor, both in Uzbekistan and abroad;
    • Conclusion of cargo insurance contracts with the Uzbek and foreign insurance companies;
    • Operational control of the Customer’s cargo movement all the way along;
    • Construction and rehabilitation of the local railway and development of freight terminals at the Hayraton station, as well as the assistance in preparing the documents necessary for cargoes movement through the frontier point Galaba-Hayraton.


    Due to the wide experience of our specialists and the business connections with the railway administrations we are among the leading companies in the market of freight services.

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